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Special Armed Force
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Organizational Structure
The main objective of this Department is to maintain Law and Order in the State. The scope of activities includes recruitment, training, transfer, promotion, welfare and discipline etc. of Armed Police personnel and motor transport workshops.

The responsibility of this Special Armed Force to look after the law and arrangement and also to control the areas affected by Naxalites, Social Courtesies, removal of bandits. Other than this they are active against Natural calamities like Flood, Earthquake etc. Moreover these special forces are active in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and in the States of South to control the terrorism in these place.

In the Special Armed Forces regarding future three major plans are being implemented :-
  • Training : For the Special Armed Forces the facility to train the Officers and Force with the Modern Equipments and Higher skills in which to give the modern Training and to use the modern equipments to Striking Force which is active in the area of Naxallies. New Constables are trained in the modern environment to solve the problem. To train the three companies according to Rapid Action Force through which work can be performed promptly for the problems of socialism and others. To give the training for the other problems existing suddenly.
  • Welfare : For the welfare of the force and their families the agencies of cooking gases are started and also to train them the plan is to open the Computer Training centres. Similarly the loan societies are opened so that the force people can get the facility of the loan from time to time.
  • Housing : At present 22 percent of housing is available. The efforts will be made to provide the housing to each and every force people. Moreover no Administrative building is provided to 34th, 29th , 13th and 18th ranges their offices are running in Barracks / Tents. The efforts will be made to provide the administrative offices.

Data regarding the Personnel information is collected from the units and entered into the personnel information system at SAF HQ. Here a gradation list is prepared based on seniority. Pre-promotion exams are conducted and Pre-promotion training is imparted. A fit-list is made and finally based on vacancies –“posting list”, “vacancy list” and “send posting list” are prepared. These are the tasks of establishment.

Besides these various welfare activities like banks, grain shops, tea canteens etc are also managed from SAF HQ. Logistics include control of arms and ammunition, buildings, equipments, wireless sets, uniforms and clothing. A personnel information system, which includes personal details, posting details, durations etc of CTM /Constables/ HC/APC/ PC/CC/ GOs and IPS officers is maintained manually.

Contact Information
Name  Rank  Ext.No.  STD Code  Phone  Fax No   Email 
K N Tiwari  ADG    0755     
Anil Kumar Gupta  IG     0761  2676188  2676188 
Anant Kumar Singh  IG     0755  2443644  2443641 
Rakesh Gupta  IG     0731  2419853   
R L Prajapati  IG     0755     
Rakesh P Singh  DIG     0731     
Ruchi Vardhan Mishra  AIG     0755     
Anil Maheshwari  SP    0755     
B P Chandrawanshi  SP    0761     
Deepak Verma  SP    0755  2443646  2443646 
Sanjay Kumar  SP    0751  2445366   
T Amongla Aier  SP    0755     
Akhilesh Jha  COMMANDANT    07292  233897  223011 
Anand Prakash Singh  COMMANDANT    0755     
R S Daheriya  COMMANDANT    0755     
Mithlesh K Shukla  COMMANDANT    0751     
Tilak Singh  COMMANDANT    07162  243432  243433 
M.L. Chhari  COMMANDANT    0751     
Mukesh Kumar Shrivastava  COMMANDANT    07532  234415  234415 
  COMMANDANT    07522  281600  237283 
M L Solanki  COMMANDANT    07642  290503  251676 
Manoj Kumar Shrivastava  COMMANDANT    0731  2619019  2419884 
Dharmendra Singh Bhadoria  COMMANDANT    07534  234475  245803 
Vineet Kumar Jain  COMMANDANT    0755  2774163   
Pankaj Shrivastava  COMMANDANT    0751  2445352  2445352 
Manish Kumar Agrawal  COMMANDANT    0731  2422422  2422866 
Manoj Kumar Singh  COMMANDANT    07414  258218  228185 
Vijay Kumar Khatri  COMMANDANT    0734  2527175  2527155 
Kumar Saurabh  COMMANDANT    0761     
Kamal K Sharma  COMMANDANT    07532  234415   
Nimish Agarwal  COMMANDANT    07542  251038  255776 
Ashutosh Pratap Singh  COMMANDANT    0755  2443647  2443647 
Isha Pant  COMMANDANT    0751      co14bn_saf@mppolice.gov.in
 PCR Bhopal : (+91)-100, 0755-2555922